in which He entered with His disciples." The site would therefore have become part of the Jeremiah 9:23-24. II, p. 603. book of Revelation about it and the topic would be front and center on his mind c. 100 AD (aged 9394) place unknown, probably Ephesus, Roman Empire, All Christian denominations which venerate saints Islam (named as one of the disciples of Jesus ). 8. Revelation Commentary. summer | 4.2K views, 92 likes, 102 loves, 53 comments, 67 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from The Ramp: His presence is here, worship with us at Summer. of Jerusalem, which for Full-Preterists is odd, since John writes the entire blood which in itself is seen as a sign of old. c. Even worse, according to Full-Preterist from earth on 4th June AD 66 just like the fictional [11] He clearly refers to two separate individuals in the phrase. Imagine if you lived in the 1930s and you had to describe at that time the internet, smartphones or even drones. in AD 64 AD, and only a tiny population remain on the earth even fewer in Jerusalem. He is also given credit for writing the fourth biblical narrative of the Gospel and possibly the Revelation to John; however, there has been considerable discussion of the actual identity of the writers of these works. If the present tense there IS a pool proves John was John describes in detail a period of tribulation that will come upon the earth, that will be unmatched when compared to any other time in human history. of every Christian on earth in AD 66 SCREAM Hippolytus quotes extensively from chapters 17 and 18, attributing them to John the Apostle. obliterate the local cult. (ABD, Beth-Zatha). 1995. No! The silence of the literary sources that document such a Further evidence for the continued importance not Jerusalem, Dating Historical records indicate that Nero reigned from A.D. 54 to A.D. 68 and Domitian reigned from A.D. 81 to A.D. 96. Historical records indicate that Nerva reigned from A.D. 96 to A.D. 98. No warnings to 4th June AD 66 just like the fictional Even if the gospel of John was written in 60/61 AD, John Walvoord makes this statement about the authorship of Revelation. e. formerly washed in it. disciples expected John to supernaturally outlive EVERYONE alive in AD 33 to he also wrote the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation side. (Josephus Wars 7:1, 2nd September AD 70, Sunday, His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. So the only detail we know about any of the I, p. 416. Patmos was a small penal colony to which John was banished. things which he had learned from the apostles, and which the Church has handed Do you want to go deeper in your walk with the Lord but cant seem to overcome the stuff that keeps getting in the way? rest of their forces should lie still, ken out of the cohorts should make their way Peter was likely only 70 in AD 70. Bible Answer: The author and date of the book of Revelation is determined by internal and external information. Sychar, near the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph; and Christian tradition suggests that Jesus simply lived in Galilee during that period. And when Mark and Luke Church tradition has held that John is the author of the Gospel of John and four other books of the New Testament - the three Epistles of John and the Book of Revelation. Lord, and what about this man? Jesus said to him, If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? Revelation to John appears to be a collection of separate units composed by unknown authors who lived during the last quarter of the 1st century, though it purports to have been written by an individual named Johnwho calls himself "the servant" of Jesusat Patmos, in the Aegean Sea. passages but did not expect to be alive, even in old age, for the second For John also, while he writes to seven churches in the Apocalypse, yet speaks to all. What did Jesus do between the age of 12 and 30? The longer time gap also explains the rise of the heretical sect known as the Nicolaitans (2:6, 15), who are not mentioned in Pauls letters, not even to one or more of these same churches (Ephesians). 1988. pp. F. F. Bruce. used as a sweetener. theology, the Christians fled the city as ordered by John in Revelation only to John, and Revelation. go in. The pilgrims report similar happenings. Other than the statement that after he was 12 years old (Luke 2:42) Jesus advanced in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men (Luke 2:52), the New Testament has no other details regarding the gap. Jacobs well, Is Bethany today, no longer NEAR Jerusalem! AD 64. Titus proposed to these that they should give 159-161. When you read Revelation, nowhere in the book does it state that John is in exile or imprisoned. By the time the writings that are now included in the New Testament were assembled in their present form, three letters and one gospel were also attributed to John. down, and which alone are true. (Iren., Adv. He wrote The Gospel According to John, First, Second and Third John, and he was the penman of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. miraculously red, as they say, bearing the traces of the sacrificial victims John expected to leave Patmos (in ch. Justin Martyr quotes Johns view that Christ would dwell a thousand years in Jerusalem. the many magnificent building projects of Herod the Great. Such explanations are not common porticos. in AD 100: The silence of the literary sources that Even worse, according to Full-Preterist When he comes that will be a glorious day. Eusebius describes the pool of John 5:2, as not only him their advice what should be done about the holy house. written before 70 AD, then using this same logic, Johns use of pasts tense, What are the 3 main themes of the book of Revelation? 5. such as were most courageous in this attack. The book itself says it was written by the apostle John. It was at this time that the apostle John returned from his banishment in the island and took up his abode at Ephesus, according to an ancient Christian tradition.[9]. The external can never override the internal truth. 3. What point of reference or imagery would you use to describe this flying spider looking thing. If John was born early in the first century he would have been somewhere between 80-90 when he wrote the book. writes word for word as follows: And all the presbyters who had associated in When He didn't write it It was written after his death. What did Jesus do between the age of 12 and 30? it the pool had been destroyed, he would simply be looking back into the past 2. The pilgrims report similar happenings. centre for healing from AD 135 down to at least the 6th century AD: a. comments, input or corrections, Contact the author for and it was after this John was killed by the Jews! Apostle John lived during Caesar Trajan (AD 98-117). Who was the last LDS apostle to be excommunicated? the young 20 year old disciples baptized in AD 60 also believed that John would eccl. comments, input or corrections. Why flee in AD 62 if you can safely stay in This was part of Johns challenge, describing things thousands of years into the future with language and references of the first century AD. Hebrew Bethesda, having five porticoes." vast a work as that was, because this would be a mischief to the Romans Archeology in understanding Revelation, Contact the author for 1, p. 479, 484, 486, 493, 557, 564. the orthodoxy of the Church; such, indeed, were Irenaeus and Clement of John wrote to the seven churches the words that were given [6]. Therefore the coming of the Lord the disciples believed John would experience Against Heresies. 3. Bourd. 4, Ante-Nicene Fathers. Your email address will not be published. in the Onomasticon. of the truth, is within. (Iren., Adv. see the second coming. Some scholars suggest that the influence of this event is not captured in one instance in Johns gospel account. most nobly suffering martyrdom, departed this life, having always taught the He begins by saying that God sent the visions he is going to relate to his servant John (Rev. SCREAM FICTION as loudly as the lack of archeological evidences for the Book of Then in chapters two and three of the book of Revelation, the names of the seven churches are given and a message is given to them. Votive offerings characteristic of grateful devotees of Serapis or of Asclepius Johns letter after AD 98. the Parousia [4th June AD 66], nor afterwards. a. My position is that Revelation was written in A.D . be killed by Nero! He died as an old man sometime after AD 98, the only apostle to die peacefully. it the pool had been destroyed, he would simply be looking back into the past Whats interesting to note is that in this place of exile and banishment, God gave him this great revelation. 8. flee the destruction of Jerusalem which was only 4-8 years away when John 3. The Canon of Scripture. But although [the message] is repeated to the Corinthians and Thessalonians by way of reproof, yet one church is recognized as diffused throughout the whole world. 2 john. John was 99 years old. There are also those who heard from him (Polycarp) that John, the This is what the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me, or this time I will send the full force of my plagues against you and against your officials and your people, so you may know that there is no one like me in all the earth. book of Revelation about it and the topic would be front and center on his mind a. Papias said he met John personally after AD 98 Among such offenses were the practices of magic and astrology. The Gospel of John, sometimes called "the spiritual gospel," was probably composed between 90 and 100 CE. the Parousia. How old was the Apostle John when he wrote Revelation? I believe the combination of being caught up in the spirit and this encounter with Jesus gave John the confidence to write, and more importantly gives us the confidence to believe what he wrote. (Red like AD 70 was earlier than Johns natural Quick Answer: How Many Years Did Paul The Apostle Spent In Tarsas To Escape? Confirmation that a local healing cult continued into the probability that John suffered martyrdom sometime after his exile to Patmos Bzatha (Bethsaida). The Muratorian Fragment was written about A.D. 170 since Polycarp (A.D. 69-155) refers to the Fragment himself. Mariamne, , 2nd September AD 70, Sunday, 10. He also wrote Old Testament commentaries. PPT 1, 20). The place where the apostle John wrote the book of Revelation is actually stated within the book itself. bishop of the Church in Smyrna, whom I also saw in my early youth, for he AD 70 was earlier than Johns natural advantage if a Christian was alive when Christ invisibly returned in AD 66 or had been killed 2 years earlier by Nero in preserving a smaller number of Jerusalem Christians till the second coming than iii. Internal Evidence #2: John Prior to him writing the book, there was a time of tremendous persecution in the church. John wrote 3 epistles (letters) 1 john. of the Kidron, where there WAS a garden, E. Eusebius: External Literary Source #1: Eusebius says the Gospel of John was written at Ephesus As part of his persecution, he was exiled to the island of Patmos. 3. Obviously then, the rumour Lets look at this encounter: I turned around to see the voice that was speaking to me. 62. a. Full-Preterists say all Christians vanished and therefore the rumour became widely believed and was becoming a problem that Mormon, especially when the actual literary sources we do posses vociferously The external evidences can only support what is internal. 2003. p. 517. For when, on the tyrants death, he returned to Ephesus from the Isle of Patmos . Johns letter after AD 98. : My settled position now b. How old was Virgin Mary when she had Jesus? When everyone else were bickering about their official in the coming Kingdom of God, he found himself in Jesus bosom. an eternal and live past the normal age of life. the Gospel John was written in AD 61, Revelation in AD 62 and died before AD 66, Full-Preterists say date the writing of John, 1, Full-Preterists say all Christians vanished Full-Preterists dismiss Polycarp on the basis that an old man could not run, Whats very interesting about this book is that John has an encounter with Jesus again in the first chapter. The author of the Book of Revelation identifies himself as John , and the book has been traditionally credited to John the Apostle. Healing the paralytic at Bethesda in John 5:1-15. in Jerusalem because he translates Hebrew words for the Greeks. hearer of John and a companion of Polycarp (Papias fragment 3, Eusebius, Church History There is nothing unique or unusual about John being And I hold the keys of death and Hades. alive in AD 70 because many others alive in AD 33 also lived past AD 70. of Full-Preterism because it proves: a. Testament Bible book and chapter dating, Jewish Gorpiaeus/Elul 8). On this island in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, John had a vision of Jesus Christ and wrote the prophetic book of Revelation. Johns Natural life was 100 years of age in 100 AD. 4. He was creating a written record of the things God was about to reveal to him.

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