Jason can be restrained in his interactions with Eric, but can also potentially show anger bordering insubordination at the casualties they have suffered and the faulty intelligence which led them into this situation. When Rachel is repairing the engine and spots the broken part, Eric grabs it from her hand and slightly brushes it in the process. Eric directly punches Nick after he hugs Rachel in front of him. If Rachel was infected, Eric will console her and take part in her rescue, in particular by using a UV lamp to take out the parasite (if Eric knows about the vampires weakness). Wait, wha- what did you just said? If Salim was taken prisoner and the creature wasn't killed, Eric will interrogate Salim. There are many ways to decrease Rachels standing with Eric. Follow/Fav House of Ashes . The following is a list of albums, EPs, and mixtapes released in 2005.These albums are (1) original, i.e. While the achievement says for Rachel to kill Eric you can unlock it by killing Eric earlier than having Rachel get infected. Nick chose to retreat from the motherlode OR Eric ignored his radio signal; Eric fails to fight The Ancient One in the hut. Eric asks Rachel if they can talk about what she wanted to say when the time was right. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Eric will survive if you do this. Jason doesn't fully trust Eric's commands and tries to take the lead whenever possible at his place. The rope will end up breaking and Rachel will still fall. If Salim shoots at Eric, he will kill him and will later have an impact on Rachel who will hateful and seek vengeance for him in later chapters. Contents 1 Overview 2 House of Ashes 2.1 Prior to the events of the game 2.2 The Briefing 2.3 The Raid 2.4 Pazuzu 2.5 The Temple 2.6 Breaking Up 2.7 After the Fall 2.8 Slayer 2.9 The Truce 2.10 Bloodbath 2.11 The Signal Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. In the game, he also shows such qualities as analytical, observant and pragmatic. In Eric's case, he can be shot by Dar or Salim. I have read one of the possible way to " keep everyone alive " in CC is to do most of our choices as Rachel on Heart choices, that way the AI chooses heart choices later on. In the meantime, Rachel, who has survived the fall into the chasm, wakes up in a pit with a huge pool of blood. He's not aloneother people from twenty years in the future are here with him, all of them forced to play deadly games to survive. In the caves, the group will be attacked by vampire Clarice/Rachel, whom Eric can die to the latter in the process. This causes an earthquake, plummeting both sides into the caves below, including Eric. (Theatrical Cut), Rachel jokes with Eric about their surroundings. They are all dead before the helicopter arrives to save them. Eric will survive the vampires attack, but he will escape and can die by being blown up by the tripwires after being misled by Nick if Rachel did not shoot the vampires with the Vickers Gun. Eric's decision not to let go of Rachel cost him more than what he ever expected. Ghost Signal steps in order: One constant I had was to have Eric be mean to everyone all the time. (Theatrical Cut), Rachel tells Eric it is not a good time for them to talk. Eric and Rachelis a complicated romantic relationship in The Dark Pictures Anthology's third installment, House of Ashes. (Curator's Cut), Jason is assertive when Eric proposes to take the lead and orders him to stay, which Eric doesn't and follows them. The two reach the bottom and walk through the tunnel, joking that they spend this time as "quality" even though they have a different perspective on it. Its time to solve their relationship problems to earn the Climbing Out of Hell achievement. This is the best option because Eric will live to see it. Can't you see we're no good for each other!Rachel to Eric if she dumps him for Nick but Eric hadn't cut the rope. Having a low relationship stat will make Eric not giving him his UV wand and cut the radio while Nick asks for help, dooming him. She will make it, and Eric will not. He is going to die, its just a matter of time. Jason has to go help Samil and they both have to die down there (You have to mess up all QTE . They used to have a joyful, caring, reliable and trustworthy relationship and they usually teased one another. Rachel asks where Eric is and is shocked when Nick tells her that he is dead. I hadn't forgotten what this ring means to me.Eric to Rachel. Eric to Rachel if he acts romantic when they talk about their wedding ring.I want you back, Rachel. You will get the So Youre My Technician achievement if you can keep him alive until the chapter called The Signal is over. After the earthquake, he wakes up near Rachel, and they explore the ruins together until they reach the large main temple chamber. Rachel decides to give Eric another chance. If Eric knows that Nick is Rachel's lover, he will be able to hit Nick and a fight will start between the guys, but Rachel will stop them. If both of them haven't cut the rope and Merwin is alive, but Dar isn't alerted, Eric will fall into the chasm since Nick won't arrive earlier to save him, after which the former's body will be impaled on a stalagmite. You got your own problems. Nick has to survive sequence of placing explosives (Just choose "Retreat" as the choice). Eric can die by having his throat ripped out by the Ancient One or Rachel in the process. This will prevent Eric from getting killed by Clarice when she turns. It also frustrates me how in the relationship with Rachel, Eric is made to be seen as a major factor of them splitting up, even though the crash was completely Rachels fault, and Eric stayed loyal to Rachel the whole year they were apart, while Rachel hooked up with Nick. (Shared Story). He will return to the temple with possibly a dead vampire, Salim, or nothing. Eric along with the others, fight the vampires with two flares, whom he can survive or die. He then briefs the squad and later talks with Rachel. If Rachel is a vampire, she will tackle Eric and both will fall into the hole. Eric with Nick and Rachel find Jason and Salim while confronting a vampire. How many ending are there in House of Ashes? I appreciated the actual monsters this time. The characters that are able to survive are Eric, Nick, Rachel, and Salim. Merwin is alive OR Jason and Nick failed all QTEs while escaping; Rachel refuses to cut herself loose (Curator's Cut). Nick tries to convince Rachel to put her relationship with Eric to an end, to which she can make a promise or stop with Nick because her husband is here. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! The rope is going to break and Rachel will fall. Heres how to keep her alive whilst also achieving the best ending for the game. (Theatrical Cut), Rachel accuses Eric for pushing her away. When Nick takes out his cigarette, Jason playfully tells him it will kill him. Salim shows trust in Eric even telling him the creature's weakness. For the operation, Eric wears a black plate carrier, a gray backpack with climbing gear, and an earpiece with a radio and flashlight; his weapons include a Glock pistol and a combat knife. Rachel can choose to save Eric or retreat during the Assault. If only Eric and Nick are alive and they have a high relationship, both will talk about Rachel. In the process, Eric encounters the Ancient One choking Nick. Eric remarks after holding Rachel's hands that she still wears her wedding ring. Eric remarks he didn't realize she's an expert in history, to which Rachel replies that maybe he don't know her as well as he thought. (Theatrical Cut). Approaching the tape recorder, Eric points out that the tape is tangled, but Rachel begins to fix it. And whoever that was, that sounded like a gold metal asshole.Nick to Rachel after hearing her shouting at Eric over the phone. Rachel comments that he held on until the end and that the rope broke, but not Eric. Are little hope and House of Ashes connected? Like, a few barrels and crates?Rachel to Eric if she acts frustrated after realising the site below the shepherds's farm was just a temple. Rachel is annoyed when Eric brings back the topic on how he lost his leg and tells him to move on from the past, to which Eric reminds her he did move on but at the same time reminds her she was the one behind the wheels. Starting with Man of Medan, released back in 2019, the series developed by Supermassive Games is a spiritual successor of sorts to the well-received Until Dawn.The games have been watered-down versions of Until Dawn that are fun but have never quite reached the same heights. If we break weapons conventions, then we're just as bad as Saddam. There are only six endings available in the game. I've move on, Eric.Rachel talking about her wedding ring to Eric if she acts detached. Eric doesn't lend his UV wand to Nick when the latter goes down in the cocoon mount. Rachel snaps at Eric after he fussed over her. Rated: Fiction M - English - Horror - Lt. Col. Eric K., Lt. Salim O., Lt. Jason K., Rachel K. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 10,240 - Updated: . Jason and Nick run into the temple and are about to close the gate when they hear Rachel's voice and let her and possibly Clarice inside. He also has a faint stubble and small nasolabial folds. There is an exploration horror set in the year 2003 during the Iraq War. The characters can all die during the journey. In the main hall of the temple, Eric may inspect Caelus's scans, the dead vampire, or talk with Salim, but he'll be distracted by a figure passing behind him. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. She can either put ring on (Rachel will also briefly remember the crash) or leave it. When the squad learns that there is no silo and the shepherds are just crooks, Rachel gets angry at Eric's mistake. Meanwhile, Rachel can cut the rope to not risk Eric's life. so i have finished Curator Cut, like nearly every players on CC so far we lost Rachel because the AI decided to blew herself up with PW Grenade despite having high relationship rate with Eric / Nick. He then falls back to the temple with the other Americans. Eric, the husband, finally gets to see his wife again after a year of being separated because of work. Shortly before entering the briefing room, Jason tells Eric that the 'Queen Bitch', referring to Rachel, will not take well learning that someone else has taken control of the base. I suspect that's more agreeable than having to bury one or the other. He paid the ultimate price for his loyalty.The Curator if Eric refused to cut the rope twice on Rachel and Merwin is alive. Merwin is alive OR Jason and Nick failed all QTEs while escaping; Eric refuses to cut Rachel loose for the second time. (Curator's Cut). Jason answers that it's a term of endearment. Eric throws a flare down and comments that hole looks deep as they can't make out what's beneath. While Eric still has love feelings for Rachel and hopes that they can be together again, Rachel still remembered that their relationship wasn't going well before the break, plus she had already started a new relationship with Nick, unbeknownst to Eric. Eric will be shot if he doesnt cut the rope as Rachel falls into the chasm. emberstoriesandtales While traversing through the chasm, Rachel will slip in the next area as the ground beneath her shifts, forcing Eric to tie himself to her and hold on. Eric asks if he was alone when Salim attacked him and Rachel. If Salim died, Rachel coldly responds to Jason's story about him that she won't fall to her knees because of this, since Salim killed her husband. In a possible flashback, Eric can be seen with Rachel conversing in a car near the diner near the town of Little Hope, where soon after, an accident happens. The couple lived together for two more years, until in 2002 their relationship deteriorated so much that they decided to separate. How could you have gotten it so wrong? We're now in year three of The Dark Pictures Anthology as of the release of 2021's House of Ashes. This is what gets us out of bed every morning! - In House of Ashes, it is not possible to rescue Joey, Merwin, or Clarice at any point in the game. They then take cover inside the temple. However, despite the long relationship, they know surprisingly little about each other, as Rachel is surprised that Eric doesn't like horror movies and vice versa when Eric is surprised to learn about Rachel's interest in history. Eric and Rachel is a complicated romantic relationship in The Dark Pictures Anthology 's third installment, House of Ashes . Impalement. Poll. As they look around the room, they are shocked to see Rachel turned into a vampire. If Eric finds a small statue of Pazuzu, Rachel will remark who it is. Still, despite his inexperience in both combat and leadership, Eric has superior knowledge in military tactics than anyone else in his squad, and is able to stand up for himself. When fixing the generator with the gasoline and the ducktape, Eric will mention the topic of conversation they started in the briefing room, to which Rachel can be distant or warm. In the Star Chamber do not use the knife on the phosphorus round as Rachel. In Eric's case, he can kill Rachel. He is also frequently blamed for the events of the game as he was the instigator of the suicide mission. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. After taking out the hostiles in the Daylight finale, he will return to his house. If the group engaged in combat with the vampire and Eric died, Rachel would be horrified by his death. At least he died a soldier's death.The Curator if Eric died by being shot by Dar. 'Semper fidelis'. The Dark Pictures Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Is that your idea of being my rock?Rachel to Eric if he cut the rope and Rachel dumps him. Rachel will then run away and escape. Eric fails to fight the vampire in the hut. During the chapter titled, The Temple, Eric and Rachel will get chased by Dar, causing them to go out and a cliff and fall. (Theatrical Cut), Eric says he missed Rachel. Things weren't so great between us.Rachel to Eric. Then make sure Jason does not shoot Rachel but refuse to go into the cocoon. Subscription. Wordle 623 Answer (March 4) What is Todays Wordle Answer? In Eric's case, his throat can be ripped out by The Ancient One, vampire Clarice, or vampire Rachel. If Eric joins, he will walk through the caverns with Nick and possibly Jason. When the vampires are alerted by the radio's noise, Jason commands Eric to retreat, but is immediately knocked by Dar. Their meeting is interrupted by The Ancient One crawling out of the hole, causing the trio to flee. In Eric's case, he has Rachel as his wife. Rachel can choose to save or abandon Clarice after she helps her out of the temple. This is why we went to war! Shortly after their marriage, Rachel got into a vehicle accident with Eric that resulted in the loss of his leg. If Jason died and Salim says that Rachel can kill him later, she will punch Salim (this will always happen regardless of the option if only Rachel and Salim are alive). When asked by Nick about his opinion on Eric, Jason says that Eric is a nice guy. I couldn't cope, couldn't function. Nick, the side-man, has been seeing Rachel behind Erics back. This amazing book is published by a great maker The book written by you should read is Pillar Talk: Or Backcloth and Ashes. Rachel feels guilty when Eric brings back the topic on how he lost his leg and Eric is regretful on how he acted towards her about that in the past. In my opinion, if you're separated and seeing someone else, you've moved on. View 1 more guide for this achievement. As the group explores the Star Chamber, Rachel can talk to Eric and offer to help him to fix his prosthetic leg. If Eric was killed by Salim, Rachel will be horrified and angered by this and can even avenge his death by killing Salim. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. In the start of the game, Eric and Rachel show opposing views on their relationship. Rachel doesnt have the easiest time in the House of Ashes story. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. sheetz complaint contact,

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