Every bootcamp instructor has their own niche so each workout is never the same as the one before. Pure Barre Classic is our original barre class. Bungee Fitness is a high intensity - low impact full body, 45 minute workout that pushes you to your limits, using 6 key Bungee exercises for a HiiT style workout you can really push your cardio fitness and safely on your joints. Bungee Fitness is a good workout! Thats an additional step some bungee jumping operators take to ensure the safety of their jumpers. Thirst for Adrenaline does the research so you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying the adventures you love. It is all about bungee exercise and will have you coming back for more. 41 W. 11 Mile Rd., Madison Hts., MI 48071) 2022 FALL RECITAL was a Blast! Studio Bungee utilizes the ASTRO-DURANCE Total Body Bungee System, a revolutionary full body training system. Once my knees (and back, and shins haha) started getting bad, I never thought Id find something as fun and rewarding. Bungee Fit focuses on full body workouts that get your heart pumping to its cardio max in just 15 seconds with . Book a private bungee class for you and your friends! 2 BUNGEE CLASSES THIS WEEK!! Bungee Fitness is fitness training that can make you jump out of your comfort zone to revamp your regular workout routine to plunge into this revolutionary technology that makes exercise fun! The owner was very patient with me and my questions and concerns were all answered. The Gravity Room is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new and exciting! Bungee Basics(mandatory for first time visitors before moving on to Bungee Level I). The bungee dance fitness classes locations can help with all your needs. 1 Daisy Chain: 105cm/3.5 feet long. Plyometrics also know as jump training- muscles exert maximum force in short intervals to increase both speed and power. Some restrictions specific to Sling Bungee Fitness include pregnancy, any recent surgeries, weight of less than 90 lbs and a weight of greater than 240 lbs. Subscribe to our mailing list! You will be comfortable trusting the bungee and the assistance it offers to the workout routine. Hi my name is Christine, and I am a Bungee Fitness Coach at Body by Bungee. The low-impact, high-intensity workout was exactly what I needed. We will be taking the basic moves of squats, ups, lunges, burpees and more and adding more cardio so get ready to get your heart rate up and sweat! Aerial bungee fitness is a great way to get fit and have fun. But generally one can expect to burn at least 500 800 calories in a 45 60 minutes class. Aerial bungee fitness may be just what you are looking for! An . Fitness became impossible. Instructors use a variety of equipment to work your entire body and encompass techniques such as calisthenics, HIIT, circuit training, boxing and many more! Bungee helps with your stability while exercising! Our cords are made with actual rubber bands, making movements more fluid and reducing rebound pain that can occur with other products on the market. Tiene muy poco impacto en las articulaciones, pero es muy dinmico. Bring a water and a sweat towel. I started my fitness journey at the young age of 16 with the goal of improving my health both physically and mentally. Do you want an immediate burn, without going through all 4 levels of bungee fitness? Currently an active member of the Swing Dance and Blues Dance communities in Cincinnati, Rachel is a lover of all forms of movement and is excited to be a part of the Fly Bungee Fitness team. If not, please continue Level II until you have mastered those to prevent injury to yourself or others. *Restrictions: you must be 16 years of age, 16-17 years old requires a parent waiver. We are the first certified bungee fitness studio in the state of Michigan. Bungee fitness was developed in Thailand only five years ago. This class builds strength, flexibly, and cardio fitness in 45 minutes. See you in class! Throughout my journey, I developed self confidence, strength, perseverance and I found my purpose. 138. We make it easy to get started with Bungee Fitness. Plyometrics - also know as jump training- muscles exert maximum force in short intervals to increase both speed and power. After you have mastered this class, you will be ready for our Level III. Bungee Fit focuses on full body workouts that get your heart pumping to its cardio max in just 15 seconds with little stress on the rest of your body! In this REQUIRED class, participants will learn how to put on their gear for our bungee classes. Bungee Fitness is a low-impact, high-intensity cardiovascular based style of training. But for me, exercise was more than an activity and fitness more than a lifestyle. We use it to fly. Our expertise ranges . Students of all levels are welcome. (c) Bungee QC - Fitness Gym Illinois, US 2023, link to The Complete Guide to finding a Bungee Studio near me [2023 updated], link to Stay in Shape: A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Bungee Exercise Classes Near Me, You many not participate if you are pregnant or have done any recent surgeries. 8-Pack Assorted Length Adjustable Bungee Cord. If you are worried about sensitivity from the harness, wearing shorts on top of leggings will provide additional layers. We offer a variety of membership options, ranging from one time class passes to unlimited monthly passes to private group classes, events, and parties. Follow us for footage from our show! Bungee Fitness Springs Into Plymouth. Motion-based bungee exercise has helped people lose weight fast. ! You must be at least 90lb and cannot be over 275lb. - Us Fitness Finder, Fitness For A Particular Purpose Warranty. The studio located at 5127 Allen Rd., and provides a fun way to maximize . . In our bungee classes, out students will FLY! I was a gymnast as a kid. They also offer birthday parties and other events. In Bungee Fit classes, participants are strapped to a bungee cord for a 20-minute, full-body workout. You can purchase packages, sign up for classes and see the special events right from the app! *Restrictions: you must be 16 years of age, 16-17 years old requires a parent waiver. 616-834-0915 zealaerialfitness@gmail.com. The instructors at Zeal do such a great job at creating a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere that even the students follow their lead. Yes. Contact us today to schedule your free bungee assessment. Participants must be at least 16 years old. Bungee fitness combines a cardiovascular workout with resistance training. Fast start 45 minutes for Level I, Level II and III. You will then be privately weighed so that we can correct fit you for a harness and number of bungees. (Inside the All Fit Collective) Our goal is to provide low impact exercises for all fitness levels. How to find bungee dance fitness classes near me. They offer bungee jumping at their stand alone bungee facility located 200 feet above a large pool of water. HOME OF THE 1ST BUNGEE FITNESS IN MICHIGAN! Instructors will also incorporate weights to focus on toning muscle. This class is for YOU! You will also begin your strength training with weights at this level, to achieve a full-body workout. Ready to launch a studio in your area? We provide all equipment needed for workout. Then we have Booby & Bounce. When we first opened our studio, we realized the equipment in the bungee market does not meet the demand or safety of our rigorous workout. Directions. I want to FLEX . Low impact full body resistance training that promotes core building, muscle toning and strength building via bungee cords that hang from the ceiling. We've got youe covered our app includes at home workouts! While bungee fitness reduces impact by up to 70 percent, we still offer high energy. If you struggle to do one burpee unassisted, or have any difficulty staying active for more that three minutes at a time, you may find this workout challenging. Ann Arbor, MI Lansing, MI Novi, MI Grand Rapids, MI Mississippi Jackson, MS New Jersey Deptford, NJ New York Queens, NY North Carolina Asheville, NC Ohio Jeffersonville, OH Rhode Island Corporate Warwick, RI Launch Franchising Virginia Herndon, VA Richmond, VA Make This My Location . Next on the list is The Gravity Room. This is a low-impact, low-intensity bungee workout. Candace Williams. Please recommend a location for bungee jumping. This basics class is the place to start! Hours. Our Bungee Fit Group Classes are Krazy Fun in every way! The design of the shoes enables you to quickly tone and sculpt your thighs, core, and glutes. **We can book private "glow bungee" parties as well**. Bungee exercise classes have been growing in popularity over the past few years, offering a unique and exciting way to get in shape. Check them out in the YouTube videos below. THE SCIENCE BEHIND SLING Bungee. There's a new exciting way of getting "Krazy Fit" in town. Be sure to eat a couple hours before class and empty your bladder before you come (or when you arrive.) **MUST TAKE AT LEAST 2 BUNGEE 101 CLASSES PRIOR TO BOOKING THIS CLASS**. In Level 3 you will learn the last set of skillsets, fine-tune your technique, and continue to challenge your endurance. This new era of fitness is going to change the exercising game for everyone! Sling means that we dont stop at resistance! Where can i find a bungee fitness studio near me? Bungee Fitness is an innovative form of workout that uses a harness and bungee cord to allow users to perform a range of exercises. 19 were here. What We Offer. We offer a variety of classes, so there is something for everyone! Bungee Workouts are the most fun way to defy gravity and get moving. Which one will you choose? Sling Bungee Fitness studio was born. Paula Teeter opened So Fly Bungee Fitness in May 2021. 1019 N. Main St. Royal Oak, MI 48067. Leggings or bike shorts, any high impact sports-bra, fitted shirt/tank top with non-slip tennis shoes. Booby & Bounce is perfect for anyone who wants to have some fun while getting fit! You will learn to feel comfortable and trust the bungee while doing the basic jumps, squats, and burpees. Cardio based exercise that encompasses latin based music and a combination of fast and slow dance moves. Sling Bungee takes the science of plyometrics to new heights, with a bungee-assisted, cardio-focused workout. We offer various group fitness packages that will fit with your budget and schedule! Through choreographed sequences, all-out sprints and plyometric exercises using the trampoline, the floor and a combination of both, your heart rate will soar, increasing your cardiovascular health by light-years! Zeal will create the space you need to grow, please go! Our Kangaroo Jump Fit Classes are a great source of cardio that is designed to be light impact on your joints and high cardio! We have certified over 145 people in Bungee Teacher Trainings, visiting host studios that now teach Grounded Aerial Bungee around the globe. Bungee Fitness is a class format that. Grupos iniciacin y avanzado. Centro de Bungee Fit, escuela nica en aprendizaje y entrenamiento de Telas Areas y Acrobacias en Madrid. Join us for a live class that you can stream from anywhere or, take class a class on your schedule using our ON DEMAND library. I've tried all sorts of workouts to lose my belly fat, but Sling Bungee made ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! - That was the true beginning of where I am now. 1111 Godfrey Avenue Southwest, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503, United States. It's a sensation akin to jumping on a cloud. We are the first certified bungee fitness studio in the state of Michigan. 1111 Godfrey Ave SW Grand Rapids MI . How Alex Pereira Upset Israel Adesanya at U.F.C. This low impact, high intensity form of exercise is great for most, but what should you expect and is this exercise right for you? Krazy Fit Detroit, a fitness studio specializing in Bungee Fit and Jump Fit has opened its doors in Allen Park, MI. Address: 1111 Godfrey Ave SW ste s-290, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States. *Will be using light weights during this class*.

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